Public safety

With our innovative communication solutions, we have been making an important contribution to the protection and maintenance of public safety in Europe and around the world for many years. Safety and rescue forces (public safety organisations) benefit from the high network availability, communication security and application capability of our radio systems.

HMF Smart Solutions for public safety

Our communication solutions have been used reliably in a variety of global locations for many years: HMF Smart Solutions has successfully implemented nationwide networks, (such as for the police and rescue services in the Netherlands and Northern Macedonia) and has equipped regional police forces in cities and regions, fire brigades, coast guards, border guards, government agencies, as well as military and disaster control associations in Europe, Asia and Latin America with customised communication solutions.

We know what matters to you. With the TETRA AirAnalyzer, we have developed a special measuring device that is a valuable tool for ensuring communication during large-scale operations. Installed in measurement vehicles that accompany the mission command, the TETRA AirAnalyzer precisely monitors network use and availability. In the event of disruptions or imminent overloads, it enables rapid and targeted intervention. With the help of a connected direction finder, the TETRA AirAnalyzer can also locate missing terminals, helping to ensure comprehensive communication in critical situations.

Nationwide radio network for police and emergency services (C2000)

TETRA, ACCESSNET®-T IP, one-step migration, Netherlands
Ministry of Justice and Security

Tsvetomir Benchev

Our expert in communication solutions for public safety

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