TETRA AirAnalyzer

The TETRA AirAnalyzer is a versatile measuring device for air interface analysis of Professional Mobile Radio (PMR) radio systems. The device logs the data on the air interface and is optimally suited for mobile use due to its compact size.


Message Sequence Chart (MSC)

The MSCs represent the complex communication flow in the signalling between terminal and base station in a user-friendly and detailed way.


In a selectable frequency range, all the available carriers are displayed with their broadcast parameters. A clear representation visualizes, among other things, the current occupation of channels, power received or frequency errors. The examination of the current network status takes both quality and quantity into account.

Flexible expansion options

  • Quality of Service (QoS) Analyzer
  • IQ-Analyzer (Physical Data Analyzer)
  • Scanner Analyzer
  • Direct Mode Option (DMO)
  • GEO-Maps for Coverage Tests

Dr. Michael Meincke


Our expert for
the TETRA AirAnalyzer

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