The possibilities of 5G, the latest generation of broadband technology, go many times beyond the narrowband voice and data technologies, WLAN solutions and other wired connections established to date.

The 5G standard is the new benchmark. It ensures the necessary requirements of the future in terms of data speed, network capacity, response time and data security.

5G supports a broader spectrum and combines new technologies such as IoT,
IT resources (cloud and edge computing), Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Application areas for private 5G

Towards the future: some countries have already reserved a corresponding frequency spectrum for private 5G networks. In Germany, for example, 3.7 – 3.8 GHz can be licensed to set up private local networks – including industry (manufacturing), health (hospitals), airports and ports, agriculture, utilities, mining and the events industry.

5G architecture

5G is an open standard and supports cloud environments and edge computing. 5G therefore provides a high degree of flexibility for our customers. A typical 5G campus solution consists of a core and a radio access network (RAN), including indoor and outdoor radio units (RU).

Open interfaces enable the development of new ecosystems for connected “things” and applications such as artificial intelligence (AI), big data or mission critical services (Mcx).

The HMF promise

Professional campus solutions  “engineered in Germany”


Our core expertise lies in the development, planning and implementation of digital communication systems.

We think “out of the box” and implement customised solutions with optimal performance according to your needs. Everything from a single source.

5G campus networks from HMF offer application-oriented availability and reliability:

  • Proprietary customised redundancy concepts
  • Autonomous Quality of Service parameter sets (flexibly changeable)
  • Depending on the criticality of the application, tailored measures for network hardening, robustness, crisis resistance and for blackout scenarios.

We are one of the leading providers of business and mission-critical voice and data networks and understand our customers’ needs. With HMF Smart Solutions you can freely choose products and technologies, tailored to your individual needs and applications.