Public transport / transportation

Professional communication solutions used in the public transport and transportation sector require the highest level of resilience: they ensure the safety of large numbers of people and the security of high freight volumes. They have to guarantee smooth, trouble-free operation at all times, manage traffic safely, on time and efficiently, and often bundle and organise the communications of several user groups in complex organisations.

The appropriate communication solutions from HMF are stable, fail-safe and redundant. Flexibly adaptable at all times.

Solutions for bus & rail

Putting communication on the right track

Public transport is an essential part of the infrastructure of cities, regions and entire countries – around the clock, countless rail and road vehicles all over the world are on the move transporting people and goods.

HMF Smart Solutions offers all the necessary building blocks for a modern complete solution that can be flexibly adapted to customer-specific requirements. With our on-board solutions, we connect your entire fleet with optimal communication technology, suitable dispatcher and network management systems as well as ruggedised, high-performance terminals.

Secure the communication between train, control centre and individual railway stations with us – for optimal, safe operational processes and fast response options in case of emergency.

Our mission-critical communication solutions are redundant and therefore fail-safe.

Take advantage of advanced voice and data applications by connecting an integrated traffic control system with position determination, the integration of passenger information or transit systems and special alerting options.

The Würzburg tramway uses ACCESSNET®-T IP

TETRA radio system, Würzburger Straßenbahn GmbH, Germany

Chopin Flughafen Warschau

Airports: Solutions for operational mode

Modern communication solutions for airports need to meet stringent requirements – above all, they have to be powerful, reliable, flexible and secure. Voice and data communications which are available at all times are important factors in ensuring smooth flight operations, the handling process and all relevant services around the clock.

HMF Smart Solutions for public transport and transportation

With HMF Smart Solutions your journey is secured. You can trust in our mobility, punctuality, operational safety and reliable emergency communication. HMF Smart Solutions has implemented suitable communication solutions in this field in the course of numerous projects. HMF customers include operators of public bus and rail networks in Germany, Europe and Latin America, as well as metro networks such as the Santiago de Chile Metro and the Budapest Metro.

Hytera Mobilfunk TETRA Handfunkgeraet PT580H Plus

Dr. Michael Meincke


Our expert in communication solutions for public transport and transportation

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