The TETRA radio system from HMF

ACCESSNET®-T IP, the globally proven TETRA radio system from HMF, offers above all user-friendliness, scalability, efficiency and quality. Our TETRA experts at HMF Smart Solutions have incorporated more than 40 years of PMR experience into its development.  ACCESSNET®-T IP meets all the requirements of professional users and offers a wide range of services for all areas of application. The TETRA radio system is engineered in Germany – at the HMF development site in Bad Münder (Germany).

Secure communication

In addition to reliability, security of communication plays a major role; especially in the area of public safety. HMF’s radio systems support all security features defined by the TETRA standard, such as air interface encryption (AIE), end-to-end encryption (E2EE) as well as authentication.

Expand your system and adapt it to your requirements

The ACCESSNET®-T IP system technology is scalable and grows with your requirements. To this end, the system offers options such as different switching architectures, flexible synchronisation mechanisms (GPS, GNSS, PTP), gateways and applications that make it “your” radio system.

Hytera Mobilfunk DIB-R5 - Digital Integrated Base Station

Equipped for the future. Right now.

As one of the most advanced TETRA radio systems in the world, ACCESSNET®-T IP is already equipped for the future. Thanks to the expansion possibilities through additional services via broadband technologies such as LTE (Long Term Evolution) and, in the future, 5G, a world of new avenues is opening up. The best of both worlds – conveniently combine ruggedised PMR technology for best voice communication with broadband services for video and data applications.

Hytera Mobilfunk DIB R5 Digital Integrated Base Station ACCESSNET®-T-IP

The DIB-R5 family: Top class TETRA base stations

The DIB-R5 family offers top class TETRA base stations. The base stations from HMF represent reliable radio coverage and efficient communication, always and everywhere. Customers from the most diverse areas of mission- and business-critical communication trust in the performance of the DIB-R5, not least because of its unbeatable cost-effectiveness. HMF base stations come into their own wherever uncompromising availability and efficiency are a must.

Product variants:

  • DIB-R5 advanced – modular and flexibly configurable base station with up to twelve carriers
  • DIB-R5 compact – compact DIB-R5 base station with integrated hybrid combiner and low space requirement, also suitable for installation in standard 19″ equipment cabinets.
  • DIB-R5 outdoor – ultra-compact variant for use in outdoor areas and particularly harsh environments