Professional LTE

Organisations in the public safety sector as well as supply and transport businesses need broadband data applications to increase safety and to optimise their day-to-day operational processes. With LTE, the 3GPP-standardised Long-Term Evolution for wireless broadband communication, broadband applications have made their entrance in professional mobile radio.

Professional LTE infrastructure from HMF Smart Solutions

HMF’s professional LTE system solutions provide mission-critical broadband services for high bit-rate applications such as video transmission. Many industries still value the reliability of narrowband PMR networks, based on TETRA or DMR Tier III, and wish to continue to rely on them especially as the basis for mission-critical voice communication.

With HMF’s professional LTE solutions, customers can extend their existing PMR infrastructure with mission-critical LTE video & data services and thereby benefit from the best of both worlds.

Hytera Mobilfunk PTC680 LTE-/TETRA-Multimode-Funkgeraet