LTE & 5G

Enter the world of broadband and its many possibilities. Today’s communication needs have evolved and require broadband services for complex data applications in addition to secure voice transmission, as in TETRA or DMR narrowband systems.

Hytera Mobilfunk DMR Trunking Cube

Professional LTE

LTE is the 3GPP (3rd Generation Partnership Project) standardised Long-Term Evolution for wireless broadband communications. With LTE, mission critical services become a reality. 3GPP has not only standardised the LTE air interface, but also essential voice and data services that are needed for professional applications.

Mission critical services are also referred to as MCx, where the “x” stands for voice/PTT, data and video (Mission Critical Voice/PTT, Mission Critical Data and Mission Critical Video).


Private 5G

Hytera Mobilfunk iBS Integrierte Basisstation - Eine Plattform für alle Anwendungen

Professional LTE

Hytera Mobilfunk PTC760 LTE/TETRA-Multimode radio Broadband Radios

Broadband Radios

Hytera Mobilfunk PNC550 PoC-Smartphone mit Android, Push to talk

PoC Solutions