Mission Critical

Uncompromising mission-critical broadband communication

The pioneering MCX communication solution from HMF Smart Solutions delivers mission-critical multimedia communication services in line with the 3GPP standard that have been designed specifi cally for the needs of professional users in various segments of the professional mobile radio industry. Boasting maximum security for real-time communication, uncompromisingly fast call setup and versatile interoperability, MCX is nothing less than the next step in the evolution of professional mobile and government radio.

Adapts to suit any environment

The MCX-Ecosystem from HMF

The MCX system solution can be used with public, private or hybrid LTE™ / 5G™ mobile radio networks and uses standardised functions and interfaces (Rx / N5 interface and QoS CIass Identifier (QCI) 65, 67, 69and 70 in accordance with the 3GPP standard) to ensure the low latencies and quality of service (QoS) of critical communication via a dedicated QoS bearer.

HMF offers additional command centre and dispatching software applications for professional users working in mission- or business-critical environments to enable application-centred use. Multimedia recording systems and geographical information systems (GISs) can also be deployed as requirements dictate in order to provide a bespoke solution tailored to the specific sector. Thanks to the use of 3GPP-standardised interfaces, there are no limits in terms of providing and connecting up more software applications.

The modern, intuitive MCX software client is quick and easy to install on mobile terminals, and users can choose what terminals to use MCX on. The MCX client software, which complies with the 3GPP standard, follows a platform-agnostic modular design approach incorporating the latest web technologies. As well as various commercially available terminals, a range of ruggedized terminals with dedicated push-to-talk (PTT), emergency call or group dial buttons and industry-specifi c accessories can also be used in professional use cases.

The MCX software client can also run on hybrid communication devices and allows users to access mission-critical services (MCX) in virtually any work environment, in all areas and using various kinds of terminal. These hybrid communication devices thus complement MCX communication with the addition of traditional mission-critical narrowband radio technologies – on a convergent device and in a unique combination.

The conformity and interoperability of HMF’s MCX solution has been confi rmed at several MCX Plugtests™ events organised by the international standardisation group ETSI.

It’s a question of trust

Critical Communication

The powerful MCX communication services provided by HMF Smart Solutions enable groups of users across various industries to improve the coordination, productivity, safety and security of their mobile first responders and work teams. They thus benefit from fully integrated turnkey solutions featuring devices tailored to their needs and supplementary software applications – all aligned with their processes and existing systems.

Rather than offering “off-the-peg” communication applications, HMF develops customised, German-engineered solutions for reliable speech, video and data transmission:

Maximum flexibility for closed user groups thanks to a wide range of options for mobile terminals – matching usage profi les and tasks (from smartphones and ruggedized PoC devices through to tablets, bodycams and much more).

Seamless integration into the mission-critical TETRA radio infrastructure ACCESSNET®-T IP via powerful, 3GPP-standardised gateways and interfaces using uniform and convergent call identities (“unified identity”).

All aspects considered: individual and sectorspecific user requirements, local market conditions such as the availability of frequency resources / spectrum, and the optimisation of investment and operating costs (CapEx/OpEx).

Users benefit from HMF’s over 40 years of experience in planning, equipping and running mission-critical infrastructure solutions and an extensive managed services portfolio.

*Mission-critical services (MCX) are those used to provide the mission- and business-critical transmission of speech, video and high-speed data via public, private or hybrid mobile radio networks (LTE™ / 5G™).