The current TETRA standard plays a decisive role for mission-critical and business-critical data communication and is one of the most important technologies used in professional mobile radio. Narrowband TETRA systems therefore remain indispensable for secure and highly available voice and data communication. Our TETRA infrastructure ACCESSNET®-T IP offers extreme performance, robustness and flexibility. This allows our TETRA system to be optimally adapted to the user’s needs.


The SMART way of TETRA: The TETRA partner product ACCESSNET®-T IP SMART from Hytera is a simply clever TETRA radio solution. It combines easy handling with efficient communication, reliable radio coverage and flexible scalability. ACCESSNET®-T IP SMART is precisely tailored to the needs of its users and therefore sets standards.

Connect. Communicate. The smart way to the optimal TETRA radio system with HMF Smart Solutions is that simple.

Hytera Mobilfunk PT310 und PT350: Ihr optimaler Einstieg in die TETRA Welt


As one of the world’s leading suppliers of TETRA radio solutions for mission-critical communications, we know how to ensure safety and security. Our TETRA radios from Hytera Communications and Sepura are designed with the user in mind and offer versatile functions, high robustness and flexibility. They have been developed according to the ETSI TETRA standard, which means that they are compatible with the network infrastructure and terminals of compliant manufacturers.

Hytera Mobilfunk DIB-R5 - Digital Integrated Base Station

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