Network rollout

HMF Smart Solutions is a pioneer in the provision of turn-key projects in the field of professional mobile networks. Our expertise guarantees that you get the right solution from day one.

You can rely on an effective, efficient and sustainable implementation of your project right from the start – from design to implementation and integration, from optimisation to final approval of your individual communication solution. We ensure optimal implementation of projects by successfully working together with our experienced partners and service providers.

We offer modernisation and swap services to replace and therefore renew existing radio networks from other providers or to modernise our own solutions. We ensure smooth implementation and commissioning with minimal downtime and improved quality of service (QoS).
HMF will take care of you. With our wide range of services we help you to build, operate and optimize your highly efficient network that offers the users the seamless experience that they expect.


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Michael Petersen

Service Team

our expert for
all HMF services