XPT Digital Trunking

XPT Digital Trunking is a cost-effective and easily expandable trunking solution from Hytera which builds on proven repeater technology. Based on the conventional DMR mobile radio, Hytera developed XPT to provide demanding users with a distributed trunked radio system that does not have a central system controller node.

Hytera Mobilfunk PD685 DMR Handfunkgeraet

Unlike the classic trunked radio, Hytera XPT does not use any control channels. All available radio channels are utilised for the communication.

In addition, all channels are managed by the mobile radio infrastructure. Manual channel selection on the radio is therefore no longer necessary. Free channels are automatically determined for call requests. Hytera XPT therefore combines the advantages of DMR Tier II with the radio characteristics of modern and powerful trunked radio systems.

If you are already using conventional DMR radio from Hytera (DMR Tier II) you are perfectly prepared! You can easily switch to XPT with a licence upgrade.

In addition to basic voice services, such as group calls and emergency calls, XPT supports all the important professional radio features that are part of a powerful digital radio system.