Common wave – Hytera DS-6310 Simulcast

The DS-6310 Simulcast common wave radio system from Hytera is based on the open DMR standard and enables the operation of a conventional DMR radio system (DMR Tier II) as a common wave network.

It is particularly suitable when large areas need to be supplied with radio in a frequency-efficient manner and the focus of the radio communication is on the digital functionality of a DMR Tier II system Thanks to the common wave technology, only one frequency pair is required for such a radio system, regardless of the number of base stations in the network.

Flexible networking thanks to IP technology

The IP-based system architecture of the common wave radio system enables flexible networking and also places low demands on the system connections. Based on commercially available network technology, such as servers, switches and routers, the IP transport network of the common wave system can be set up, operated and expanded cost-effectively.

Further advantages at a glance

  • Any DMR Tier II radio can be used
  • Analogue and/or digital operation
  • Greater capacity through intelligent system management (subnetting)
  • Up to 500 common wave carriers can be operated at one central control unit
  • Connection to a telephone system via SIP standard
  • Networking of several central control units is possible
  • Central control units can be redundant
  • Common wave base stations support up to 4 common wave carriers / 8 communication channels
  • High voice quality thanks to “dynamic voting”
  • Automatic IP delay compensation