ES-100 ad hoc system

The ability to react quickly in emergencies

Hytera’s new ES-100 ad hoc system guarantees fast emergency communications in the event of a disaster – especially when all normally used systems such as mobile phone networks or even landline telephones are down.

The reason: the ES-100 is ready for operation within minutes and is designed to be easily deployed in extremely difficult environments at any time. It offers outstanding reliability and robustness.

Hytera Mobilfunk E-pack 100 Digital Wireless Ad Hoc Repeater

This innovative system solution from Hytera is DMR-based and consists of mobile, as well as fixed mountable digital wireless ad hoc repeaters, which network quickly and self-organised with each other via radio by simply switching on. This process is unique and has been patented by Hytera.

The heart of an ES-100 ad-hoc system is a network of at least two E-pack 100s. The Hytera E-pack 100 combines three functions in just one device: It can be used as a radio, but it also functions as a DMR repeater as well as a mesh network node with only one frequency. Up to 32 E-pack 100s can be automatically connected to each other to form a radio network via which all DMR Tier II handheld radios from the Hytera product portfolio can communicate.