DMR stands for ”Digital Mobile Radio”, an open digital radio standard. DMR is known all over the world as a technology that combines voice communication, data transmission and applications. Our comprehensive DMR portfolio provides the right system solutions and radios for every use case. From the simple licence-free digital radio to feature-rich digital trunked radio solutions for professional users.

DMR radios from Hytera

Hytera has developed the most advanced DMR portfolio for you to overcome the limitations of your analogue radio system. Hytera DMR radios and systems are cost-effective, offer many features and clear voice quality, and make efficient use of available spectrum.

Hytera excels in offering a diverse range of DMR radios, solutions and features. From the light, compact PD3 series – designed for usage inside buildings and facilities – to the dust-proof, water-proof and explosion-protected PD795 Ex – there is a suitable DMR radio for every user. We connect people everywhere while increasing user safety and productivity.

HMF Digital Mobile Radio (DMR)
Hytera Mobilfunk DMR Smart Dispatch System


Do you have specific additional requirements for your DMR radio system? With the appropriate applications, your communication solution can easily be individually expanded to include the relevant functions. Optimally tailored to your area of application.

Hytera Mobilfunk DMR Trunking Cube und Hytera DS-6211 DMR Trunking Basisstation

DMR Infrastructure

Hytera Mobilfunk TETRA Terminals. Critical communications helping you to respond and achieve

DMR Radios

TETRA applications

DMR Applications